Hey! It’s me, Jessie Hayes! The lady behind Hey Lady 🙂

I’m a freelance copywriter working for agencies, individuals and companies across the globe.  I also work with editors and publishers in developing creative materials for digital marketing campaigns, social media, magazines and print ads. I’m a digital nomad, so far enjoying the freebies of remote work and independent lifestyle. Tired from a day’s work, I make sure to spend some time alone and get to read books from my favourite writers. It’s my stress buster people! It re-energizes every neuron in my head! I make sure I get to finish at least one chapter every night. Yeah, I’m a bookworm.

When you’re a writer, you need to feed your head with creativity and brilliant ideas. So, during the weekend, I make sure I get to discover and do something new. I get inspiration when I get to try and experience things first hand. I fancy fashion, art, food and anything lifestyle related.

Hey Lady is about me sharing stories, new hobbies, views and experiences. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and would love to hear your stories and views as well, please drop me an email at heyladyblogger@gmail.com or follow me here:

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Again, I am Jessie – writer by day, bookworm by night, adventurer by weekend.