• Buying in an Asian Grocery

    Buying At Asian Grocery Store – What To Expect

    Are you looking for some good Asian grocery store? It is never easy to find one that has all the items you’re looking for, especially when you’re located in the Western part of the world, but there are lots of major reasons people just can’t get enough of Asian foods. You may be surprised to find an Asian grocery store or two in the town you’re living in. However, you aren’t entirely sure that they contain all the food and ingredients you are looking for. You may have to look in neighboring towns just to find one particularly rare item. An Asian grocery store is usually a chain of specialty…

  • Food

    Frozen Yogurt Or Ice Cream?

    If you ever offer me either ice cream of frozen yogurt, the only way you wold get me to say no was as if my lips had been sewn shut. I love both. Sometimes I find myself liking frozen yogurt more and sometimes I would toss that aside for some good ol’ ice cream. They’re probably my favourite of all the desserts out there. And I’m probably not the only one out there that’s obsessed with them. Frozen Yogurt Froyo is made from cultured milk, where there’s a minimum of fat in it unlike ice cream. There might be some froyo out there that wouldn’t do much for your diet…

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    Cheesy Tomato Soup

    I am the kind of person who will eat soup all year long, no matter what the weather is like. My all time favorite soup is tomato, especially with a grilled cheese sandwich. So when I saw this recipe I had to give it a try. It turned out pretty well. I think it would have been smoother if I’d used an immersion blender. And probably not as messy. There was a pretty scary moment when the top blew off my blender and sprayed hot soup all over the kitchen. However it was immensely delicious and exactly what I’ve been craving lately. Especially since all I’ve been thinking about is…