My Nightly Routine That Could Also be Yours

Reading has always been something I do when I have down time. Whenever I have a break or every night that I go to bed, I have something to read that helps me relax or to encourage my mind to have good dreams so I work well when I wake up in the morning.

Books, my friends. Whether you read real ones that are made of ink and paper, or the digital ones you purchase online and read through a screen, it wouldn’t matter. Reading is still reading and it is engaging and entertaining as it is calming. And I don’t just end my day with just reading a good story too. No no no, I also have a nice cup of tea beside me that helps my brain relax. After a day of hard work and stress, tea and a good book never fails to bring me back on track. Brings me back to earth in the calmest way possible.

It’s those moments when I take a sip of Chamomile Tea with an open book on my lap that I remember to appreciate God for the life I have. I remember that life is good and worth it. That all the troubles and pressure I have every day at work is worth it when I can just enjoy this moment in peace in my cozy room.

Those moments bring me peace. And with the world the way it is today, we NEED a moment of peace as much as possible.

My Books

There’s this writer named Cassandra Claire. You’ve probably heard of her since she’s the author of The Shadowhunter Chronicles. I’m not going to spoil anything in her series – which now have about 10 more or less books – but she is good at creating worlds. The fantasy she mixes in with the modern is nothing short of amazing. I cannot tell you how much inspiration I got from reading her series. I read that back when I was still in my late teens and not only was I entertained with the story, they also helped me learn new stuff regarding different kinds of people we meet ands what relationships to maintain.

I recommend this as a side-read while you’re stressing out on a test or the next project you have got working on. Pair it with Black Tea with just a little hint of milk in it. It’s delicious and makes the reading experience better.

My next collection means so much to me. Percy Jackson and The Olympians changed my life for the better. Not only did it expand my knowledge on the Greek Gods and Goddesses (in an entertaining way, might I add) but it also brought me and my friends together. I got into groups and cosplay because of this book series. I got into writing because of Rick Riordan’s writing style and his stories has made me into who I am today. Reading this book series at night after a terrible day at University made me motivated. University has this uncanny way of depleting all of us of our energy and motivation so Percy really helped me. I could not recommend this enough. Every page is funny and action-packed. Fantasy-lovers will not be disappointed. Pair Percy up with any kind of Green Tea to get you energized as you read along.

This last one is a bit different. It’s not so much as it’s a novel as it is a comic. Sort of. If you ever find yourself looking for a different kind of medium for reading, then go for Manga. Horror Manga for that matter. The works of the Father of Horror Manga himself, Junji Ito, is enough to keep you awake at night.

Yeah, but here’s the thing. As much as his stories and imagery horrify me and my poor eyes, reading them at night while I sip Chamomile Tea has never been more relaxing. Maybe I’ve become desensitized. Or maybe the fact that it’s Chamomile tea I drink with it has anything to do with it. Reading it after work helps me forget stress. As weird as it sounds, the horror helps me sleep. Try it out yourself. Maybe you would become like me and turn it into YOUR nightly routine as well.

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