My Modern Rustic Dream House

I can still remember 10 years ago, one of my biggest dreams is to own a beautiful house by the sea. It doesn’t need to be very big, just enough for me and my small family. The one with an outdoor wooden deck, patio, and rustic looking interior.

After a few years of waiting and saving, I have finally bought my very own house by the sea, of course. However, it isn’t as close to the one I have imagined, although the house interior and exterior look decent. I have to make some amendments, such as changing the paint to something more interesting, to meet my personal standard and taste. I was even thinking of having one of those aluminium electric driveway gates designed to match the aesthetic of my home. Before all the major amendments, I’m planning to work on the paint first. I was in the middle of finding affordable and experienced painters when my friend Eve recommended to me her trusted painters in Gold Coast who have done some of her home improvement projects.

I contacted the painting contractor as soon as I could. Surprisingly, the contractor is not only limited to painting services. Its team of professionals offer services such as roof restoration, deck rejuvenation, complete interior and exterior painting, feature walls, and high pressure cleaning. Thank God, I don’t have to look for another contractor to restore the old outdoor wooden deck. They also taught me how to choose the colours that suit best for my house. This escalated my excitement even more and I can’t wait to live in my dream house.

Upon completion, I was surprised that they were able to deliver professional finishing touches on time and even exceeded my expectations. What’s really good about them is that they offered me a fixed price of the entire job without any additional fees. I was glad to pay the bill and even gave them a bonus for a job well done.

It is been a month since they have completed the job, and here I am, enjoying every minute in the house. I invited some of my close friends for the house warming and they have nothing to say but good things about the aesthetic look and design of my house. It will be forever grateful for the hardworking people who helped me.

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