What To Do With Scrap Copper
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What To Do With Scrap Copper

We have witnessed a recycling explosion over the past few decades, as all industries strive to reduce their carbon footprint. You’ll be pleased to learn that there are many scrap metal dealers that recycle the material, which can then be reused. Copper is one of the most sought-after of all scrap metals and it can be found in many appliances; HVAC and A/C systems contain copper and when removed from the equipment, the copper can be sold by the kg to a recognised scrap metal dealer.

Where Would I Find Scrap Copper?

Copper is widely used in the making of air-conditioners and HVAC climate control systems. It can also be found in freezers and refrigerators, as well as in other domestic appliances. Copper is also used in the construction of roofs as flashing, a malleable material that protects the joins of different materials and if you are replacing your roof, there might be a considerable amount of money in the form of copper flashing. In the event you do come across copper flashing when renovating the roof, clean it up as best you can and that will ensure you get top prices.

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Copper Piping

Copper is the ideal metal for water pipes and if you are planning to replace your plumbing, you can expect to generate a lot of scrap copper. With Sydney copper recycling services, for example, you will be paid top dollar prices when the collector arrives, so take some time to locate a similar service near your area simply by doing a quick Google search. Copper is very costly to mine and that means very good per kg prices for scrap copper.

With so much scrap copper in old appliances, it really is worth taking a look at what you have laying around at home. If you inherit an old property, the chances are good that there is a considerable amount of copper, with electrical wiring and roof flashing.

Online Solutions

Finding scrap metal removal Sydney or your city offers is never an issue; simply search online to locate the websites of reputable waste management companies, then you can see who is offering the best per kg prices. There is intense competition between scrap metal dealers and this can be to your advantage, as the dealers attempt to offer the best per kg deals.

Sorted Vs. Unsorted Scrap Copper

As you would expect, you receive more money for copper that has already been split from other materials’ copper wiring needs to have the outer plastic layer removed, which is easy to do with wire strippers. If you are handy with tools, you could dismantle old appliances and take out the various metals, which ensures that you get the best price from the scrap metal dealer.

Terms & Conditions Of Collection

To avoid any nasty surprises, you should read the scrap metal dealer’s website to see what conditions there might be on scrap metal collection. Some companies will not collect certain items, plus there might be a minimum weight for free collections, so do check to make sure that your scrap copper falls within the parameters of the dealer’s conditions.