How Not To Be A Programmer

Programmers, as the years pass, become more and more in demand. As long as people and businesses continue to rely on the World Wide Web, so will the need for a programmer never end. You may someday need the services of one, and so you may have to be aware of the signs you are facing an unqualified programmer.

How to become a programmer is quite a tricky task. This is because there are so many different kinds of programming languages that one can use to become a programmer. One needs to choose one that is most convenient for them. For instance, one can become a web programmer if they want to focus on web content and get paid by doing so. However, it is worth noting that one cannot become a developer of web pages if they do not have any knowledge about the web at all. If it is software or applications that they want to specialise on such as those services offered at, then that is another field for him or her to study on.

To be a good programmer therefore is really noble and challenging. The most difficult part of developing a collective idea of a computer program is dealing with both customers and colleagues. Writing codes is highly important and requires good skill and intelligence.

There are so many computer programmers in the world today. However, not all of them are good. Some of these programmers make mistakes, and some of them just fail to meet deadlines and meet expectations. There are at least ten bad habits to avoid as a software developer. In order to become a better programmer, you must learn from your own failures as well as from others’. This will make you a better programmer.

What Makes A Bad Programmer?

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It is because one programmer does not think about consequences, and he/she is more concerned with the outcome that sometimes the other hardworking ones get included in a bad rap. A bad programmer thinks that he/she can write a program that will solve a problem even without considering whether it is possible. If this happens, then the program will just be written in any way. A programmer who thinks only about the end result, not the process of writing a program, will eventually make errors that are very expensive.

What A Good Programmer Does

The programmer should always think about the process of writing a program before he/she writes it. He or she should write the first draft of the program and then analyse it and change something that is necessary to make it better. If the programmer changes the original program, then this will save him time and money. On the other hand, a bad programmer who just begins working on a program and just starts changing parts will likely make errors that are more costly, compared to the programmer wrote and studied the program so that not much change – if any – would be needed to be made at all. Still, the programmer should be very patient and be willing to change or make changes.

So what makes a bad programmer? It is a combination of not thinking about the whole process of writing a program, not following deadlines, not being able to follow deadlines, being unable to change parts of the original program, and being unable to follow deadlines.