Setting Up A Benefits Package For Your Workers

Setting Up A Benefits Package For Your Workers

There are laws as to what an employer must provide their workers, such as holiday entitlement, working conditions, and other things. All employers throughout your country must offer set benefits to their employees. To help differentiate their company from others, many opt to create a benefits package for their employees to help make their company more attractive to work for prospective employees. Having these is an excellent idea, as it can help keep your workers happy and contented, making them more productive.

Below are some of the benefits you may wish to include in your package for your employees to show what kind of company you are and that you care about your employee’s wellbeing.

Additional Health Insurance

It is becoming increasingly common for companies to offer additional health insurance for their employees. These benefits usually come in the form of complementary health services, such as massage, yoga sessions, or physiotherapy. There are many companies you can partner with to provide this service to your employees to help them look after their health better. When your employees feel valued, fit, healthy, and happy, they will work more efficiently and be more productive, so it is worth the investment. To further ensure everyone’s safety in your company, you may want an H&S advice helpline that can advise you about the various programs your company can join.

Extra Holidays

We are also seeing more companies offering their workers additional holidays for various reasons. They will supply the statutory amount of holiday required by law and often increase these for birthdays or consistently hitting targets. It is an excellent way to incentivise your workers and help keep them happy. When you look at the increased productivity, giving them an additional day holiday for their birthday or working hard will pay for itself quickly, so it is worth considering.

Flexible Working

Companies allowing flexible working for their employees have also increased massively over the last year, primarily due to the global pandemic. Some businesses have embraced this concept for many years already, such as ones working digitally, and it can help your employees find the correct work and home life balance. Ultimately, if the job gets done on time and to a decent standard for many companies, there should be no issue when your employee works. If they are not in a customer-facing role and operate under their own cognition, it may be worthwhile allowing these employees to choose when they work.

Mental Wellbeing Days

It seems like more companies are also offering their employees mental wellbeing days, where they can take time off that does not come from their holidays to help their mental health. There are some days when things get on top of us, and we need to take a step back and let the feeling pass, and it is something many of us go through at one point or another. Allowing your workers to have a couple of these days a year can help them look after their mental health and ensure they are fit and ready for work.

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