How To Get Proper Drainage On Your Property

How To Get Proper Drainage On Your Property

The ground has varying levels of water drainage and this can cause a problem on your property, with clay being an issue in some parts of the world, which runs in veins at varying depths. Garden wet spots are more than just unsightly; they can cause timber rot and damage to brickwork and with that in mind, here are a few drainage tips to keep your garden from getting soggy.

Long Downpipes

If your gutter downpipes run vertically into the drain, this can result in a backup of water during very heavy rain, which would flood the lawn and other parts of the garden. Simply order the sections and cut them to length, allowing the water to run away in a safe area. This might mean running across the lawn for a couple of metres and they can be dug into the ground and turf laid on top. The pipes can also be put under a pathway, concealing the system.

Create A Drainage System

You may want to buy OSMA drainage products online. While they are among the top products, you can also check out other brands by visiting the leading supplier of all-things construction and garden near you. Digging out a soggy area and installing sewer pipes and filling it with aggregate is a great way to eliminate a soggy patch by redirecting the water.

Finding The Lowest Point

This is the best way to find where water is contained and using builder’s levels, you can quickly locate the lowest point, which should show signs of the presence of water. There are endless videos on YouTube showing you how to create good drainage, should you need step-by-step directions.

French Drain

An ingenious way to filter and channel away water, the French drain consists of a cloth pipe that disperses water over a distance. This pipe is covered with gravel and this system does not require an outlet, rather it is dispersing water from one location to the outer areas. The pipe should be at least 12 inches under the surface. Lawn turf can be used to cover the drainage system. If you live within the area, you may want to visit the nearest Ipswich sewer pipes supplier. A Google search would also point you to reputable suppliers in your area if you live outside England. Everything you need to build a French drain is now available from a single online supplier.

Rainwater Discharge

The roof of your property is a sizeable area and during heavy rain, this will result in a high volume of water that is channeled via the guttering. You need to be sure that the drainage system can handle such a scenario. Of course, you might have rainwater harvesting solutions, in which case, this won’t apply.

Runoff Erosion

This can cause bad drainage, as years of running water erode the soil. If you have soil erosion, order topsoil and aggregate and build up the eroded sections, while also addressing the root cause – the running water. When dealing with poor drainage, the first step is to investigate the cause, then you can design a system to remove the water to a suitable location, thus ending the drainage problem.