The Fairy Flower Garden Of My Dreams

Now what would a fairy garden look like to a kid? Something that would be surrounded with colours, right? With many beautiful flowers surrounding the area that would glow in either the sunlight or under the moon. How about to an adult? What does a “fairy flower garden” actually look like to an adult?

To me, since I’m not a gardener and have zero talents for landscaping, as long as there are beautiful flowers all over the place then it’s good enough for me.

Just imagine there being Cherry Blossom Trees dotting the yard. Those beautiful white and pink flowers that would then fall during spring? Exquisite. Imagine having those in your yard, look out your window and just… stare at them

Yes, I like to stare at trees and flowers.

And, from the list of the most beautiful flowers in the world, let’s have some Orchids that would make the area feel like a sanctuary. And since there are over 25,000 KNOWN species of orchids out there, you would just have to get creative in picking out the best-looking ones, right? So many different colours and types, so many species to pick from. All of which have fragrant smells.

Let’s also have some flowers that decorate the grounds, grass and bushes, yeah?

Like some good old Roses and Tulips. Both of which have varieties of colours to their names. The roses themselves have their own sub-species called Hybrid Tea Roses, which have different sorts of colours and smells. Have them be decorated by the fences out the front as well as populate the entirety of your very own garden at the back.

The tulips are really expensive but have all of the kinds they have right there. All the pinks, yellows and the reds, spotted right in between your roses and orchids while the cherry blossoms are right above them.

All this place needs is a little pond smack-dab in the middle. Just a small one to complete the scenery. Maybe add in a few aquatic flowers too, just to be sure, with a stone walk-way right in the middle that leads to the pond itself while there’s Bermuda grass on all sides.

When you think about it, my idea of a fairy garden sounds really simple, huh? When you think of “fairy garden”, mine doesn’t really fit. I only managed to think of that up because you can’t actually find some glowing flowers that would literally sparkle in the dark as well as attract some real fairies and pixies.

On the other hand, if given the chance and some sort of witchcraft just thrown here and there, I would definitely put a large tree right by the end. A tree that has all sorts of different flowers of different species and colours that would change depending on the mood of its owner.

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