Braids For The Long-Haired Ones

Nothing is more elegant than a neatly (and sometimes not-so neatly) braided hair. If your hair is long enough, you should definitely try out some of these styles. Go to parties with them or maybe just do your hair in these braid styles for the simple reason that you look good in them.

I myself miss having my hair long. I used to keep it so long, like it would reach the start of my butt, and I’d have it braided by my sister or by myself. I’m not that good in styling my own hair so I have to delegate that job to my sister most of the time. I always loved the results.

Now, I have to wait for my short hair to grow long. I’ve been keeping it short for almost 2 years now. I got tired of handling long hair so I’ve been cutting it at neck or collar-level. Now though, after two years of having short hair, I miss having long strands. I want my own to grow really long so I could do my favourite braid again.

The French Braid

It’s pretty, it’s elegant and it comes with different kinds of style itself. I like the normal French braid since it’s simple enough to do but sometimes, I like to curl the finished product down the side of me neck and then attach it. It keeps my hair out of my face (which is number reason why I even cut it in the first place) while looking pretty.

The Simple 3-Strands

This is my go-to hairstyle. Well, it USED to be when I still had long hair. Sometimes, when my hand wants to do something and can’t sit idle on my lap or by my sides, I would play with my hair. I’d do a lose braid on my hair and drape it over my shoulder. I never go for tight braids though, since it makes my face look fat. I always make sure to make the braid lose but not TOO lose.

The Waterfall Braid

This braid is one I like to call the Elven Braid. I based that off of Legolas’ hair in The Lord of The Rings, because it’s a braid where the rest of the hair is just down and flowy. The braid part is really just by the crown of your head but no less pretty-looking. Although, you might argue that the original Elven Braids are actually a lot tighter and cleaner than the Waterfalls Braid, because they are. I don’t want to get into the details where even Elven Braids have their own styles and categories (for those of you wondering, Legolas’s braid is called The Warrior Braid). Just know that some have similarities, which makes sense because you can only go so far with hair-braiding.

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