Baby Shower Rules For The Host

Baby Shower Rules For The Host

It is important for parents to remember that baby showers are not just places for the expectant mother to share news about her impending pregnancy but also a way to bond with other guests and give each woman a chance to feel special. If an organised and well-planned party is what you are going for especially for large groups, the tips below will help to make your baby shower a successful one:

Meet The Guests

Most guests arrive early for a baby shower. Whether a shower is being held at a restaurant, or even in a home, the host may meet the guests outside and take them or have someone lead them to the appropriate meeting place after the festivities begin, especially if the guest is bringing a large party.

Have The Guests Seated Comfortably

Upon arrival, the guests should be seated in an undisturbed space. While you can seat strangers to get to know each other, it’s more important that your guests be comfortable, so have them seated with people they know and have a good rapport with. Else, you may unknowingly get people who are not on good terms stuck at the same table.

Be Mindful Of What You Say

Most importantly, never speak negatively of other guests and/or the baby shower itself. Most guests will be attending the baby shower because they are interested in the mother-to-be, and there is no need to talk negatively about anyone who does not want to attend the event (or that is not attending the baby shower).  

Check If Everything’s Ready Before Starting

No food or drink should be brought into the room until the host has examined the location and confirmed that it is acceptable. Some showers have set rules on what can be brought into the room, such as dishes or cutlery, but these rules should be clarified before the event. It is always best to listen to the wishes of the guests when planning a shower, especially when it comes to specifics.

Gift Giving

Whether you are doing the party yourself or you are inviting a close friend to help throw a baby shower for your friend, the basic rule of throwing a baby shower remains the same. You should give the mom-to-be as many gifts as possible.

One of the most traditional items that people would bring to baby showers is the cake. Typically any baby shower, which started after the third trimester would include a nice warm, moist meal consisting of cakes, cupcakes and other sweet treats. The cake can be served as the focal point of the reception or as a surprise on the day of the baby. Often the dessert served at these types of events is always cupcakes, not just the traditional cake.

Other traditional items that would make excellent gifts for baby showers are stuffed animals and baby booties. You can buy newborn baby hampers that contain these items, and these can be found in many colours, styles and sizes, and their cute presentation can keep guests smiling all through the reception. There are also items such as picture frames, diaper bags and even watches that would make good presents for new moms-to-be. While you should not be giving the expectant mother everything that you can afford to buy, you should consider the financial situation of the expectant mother before shopping for her gifts so that you don’t end up buying her too many unnecessary gifts.

The baby shower is a social occasion. Host should try to keep the tone of the baby shower as light-hearted as possible.