Certified and Non-Certified Diamonds And Their Differences

The Differences Between Certified and Non-Certified Diamonds

Modern mined diamonds all come with certificates, and there are big differences between those that have them, and those that do not.

When you go and purchase modern diamond jewellery from any reputable store, the diamonds you buy will come with certification to prove their quality. If the diamond jewellery you have does not have any certificates, it does not mean they are not valuable, but they could be less valuable because of this. Below are the reasons why diamonds are given certificates and the differences between those that have them and those that do not.

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Why Diamonds Are Given Certificates?

The certificates given to diamonds are for the customer’s benefit, and they help assure them that what they are buying is genuine and conforms to a certain standard. The certificates will list the quality of specific characteristics of the diamonds, which include:

  • Cut – The shape design of the gem
  • Colour – The colour grade and intensity of the gem
  • Clarity – How clear the gem is and how many imperfections it has
  • Carat Weight – How many carats the diamond weighs

These four points are collectively known as the 4 Cs, and with this information, you can work out the value of a diamond. However, the certificates will also include other data which can affect the value of the gem. They will also mention whether a gemstone has any enhancements, which some have, and some laboratories refuse to grade enhanced diamonds. The one thing that the certificate will not tell you is where the diamond came from, so it does not say whether it is a conflict stone or not. However, certified diamonds protect consumers when they purchase them and ensure they are getting a product that adheres to set criteria and their certificates assess their quality accurately. When looking for wholesale argyle pink diamonds or any other diamonds, always ensure the diamonds come with certificates to assure you of their quality.

What Is A Non-Certified Diamond?

A non-certified diamond is still most likely a diamond. The only difference is the person selling the gems or jewellery has not gone to the trouble to have them certified for whatever reason. It does not mean that they are not valuable, and they can still be gorgeous, and the only difference is that they have not been assessed and graded by a gem laboratory. You will often find that most antique and vintage jewellery does not have a certificate for their diamonds, but there are still plenty for sale. However, when you are purchasing modern jewellery, you will want to ensure that you receive the certificates when buying diamond jewellery.

What It Means When You Want To Sell Non-Certified Diamonds?

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You may struggle to get as much money for your non-certified diamond jewellery when you come to sell it, but that will depend on to whom you are selling it. Most consumers do not know a great deal about diamonds, so they want to buy ones with certificates. However, if you take your diamond jewellery to a reputable dealer, they will assess them and have an idea of what they are and their worth. Non-certified diamonds can still be of exceptional quality and beautiful but always try and buy certified diamonds if you can.

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