How To Get Inspired When Trying To Write

As much as we writers love to write, there are times when we couldn’t even look at a document or a piece of paper without feeling the urge to burn everything until nothing is left. Call it a writer’s block or even a burn out, it doesn’t matter. The point is that these moments happen more often than not and it is not only frustrating, but also just a bit terrifying. At least for those who get PAID to write.

How do other writers handle that? Do they take a break or do they look for inspiration by force? Which one is the better thing to do in your situation if you ever find yourself burnt out?

Well, if it’s inspiration you’re looking for, take a gander at our tips at least.

Get distracted by watching movies/television shows/anime

Sometimes the best inspiration comes from watching anime, a television series or a bunch of movies. They are not only a great source of entertainment, but also a magnificent well for inspirations. You would be surprised how many plot bunnies and new words would start festering in your brain during you binge-watching.

Read some old positive feedback

The comments you’ve gotten back in the day are a great help to your self-esteem. They remind you of not just the fact that you are actually a good writer, but also of the feelings you had when you just started.

Get angry

A lot of the times, I find myself writing full pages of paragraphs filled with emotion (that sometimes surprise me when I re-read them a little later), it’s because I had been writing while I was very angry or very sad. It sucks having to rely on this, especially since we artists don’t really want to prove the saying “artists are sad people” right. In all honesty though, great things can come from something made while going through something deeply emotional.

Coffee and tea—LOTS of them

Get that brain fuel. Being hydrated and AWAKE is always one of the best ways to jumpstart yourself into writing. Don’t forget to drink a crap-ton of water too, yeah?

Write somewhere else

A change of scenery might do you good. We can’t get unlimited inspiration from one place so we get it at random places. Take your laptop and maybe go work in a coffee shop, or somewhere with an amazing view.

Read. Read. Read.

I love reading. Most of the time, if not ALL the time, I get so much writing energy after reading for hours and hours. Inspiration literally comes from whatever I read (mostly fanfiction—the GOOD kind, not the dumb, pandering kind) and lets me be productive later on. It’s what I call a fail-safe, in a way, if none of the other tips from above are working.

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