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Dos and Don’ts for Purchasing Jewellery Online

Have you ever felt the desire for a brand-new piece of jewellery, but really couldn’t be bothered to get to the store? Dealing with traffic getting to the store, dealing with loud salesmen and annoying people outside, and having to put on clothes that you didn’t really want to wear today, and then dealing with traffic all the way back, just for the slight chance that you might find something that catches your attention isn’t really the best way to spend your time. Instead, you might want to consider shopping for your jewellery online, where you can be in the comfort of your own home, wearing what you want and doing it when you want. The only problem is that shopping for jewellery online and shopping for jewellery in person are quite different. To make sure that you don’t make any mistakes while you go shopping, you should learn the dos and don’ts for purchasing jewellery online.


First things first, when you are shopping anywhere, no matter if it is a local store or Anania Family Jewellers in Sydney CBD, you should always know what you are looking for. This will prevent you from spending hundreds, even thousands, on jewellery that might look nice, but isn’t worth it at the moment. You should know what you are looking for before you open up the website to begin searching.

You should also ask questions, always. Never be afraid to question something, even if it seems like a foolish question. Understanding what you are putting your money into is crucial, and is something that you should always do when you can. Call them if you need more details about the jewellery you plan to purchase. If a company isn’t willing to answer questions about their products, it might not be a good idea to shop with them. Instead, always ask questions if you are unsure about anything.

Finally, always purchase your jewellery from a trustworthy and reliable jeweller. Even if you are shopping online, you should always look for a reliable seller, with a reputation that can be proven. Make sure that they are accredited, valid, and a company that you would be proud to purchase your jewellery from.


Never, ever go into this without doing your research on who you are purchasing your jewellery from. This ties directly into purchasing from a reliable seller, meaning that you should always do your research beforehand to make sure that you want to invest your money in the purchase. Going in without doing any research is a sure-fire way to lose money, and this is something that nobody wants to have happen.

Don’t lose yourself in the name of a brand. More often than not, people are attracted to the massive brand names, the ones who overcharge for relatively simple pieces of jewellery. Instead, pay more attention to the quality at hand, and what you are getting for your money. If you need to, do a bit of research to see what similarly priced pieces of jewellery are at, and whether or not what you are looking at compares to them.

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