Why Are You Still Single – Learn How To Change It, Or Should You?

If you’re single and you’re wondering why you are, you may be feeling lost and lonely, or just plain confused. There are those of us that don’t know what it is about that one person that we just have an attraction for. Whatever your reason may be, you can get to the root of why you’re still single – and you can fix it!

Most of us want someone to talk to. Some of us even want a partner. Then there are the guys who just want to find a girl they can call a friend. Talking to others, both women and men alike, the big question why you are still single comes up all the time. But why are we single in the first place? Why aren’t we married? What’s holding us back from finding and being together with someone?

So Many Maybe’s

So many people may wonder why you are still single. Sometimes it’s because we haven’t found someone to spend the rest of our lives with. Or maybe it’s because we’re just not ready. There may be people who think you are simply too much of an introvert. You can get through it, though, these maybe’s and sometimes unwanted advice. Just make a commitment to yourself that you’re going to work on being a better person, and you’ll get over that “why am I still single” feeling. You can get past your attitude if you keep trying.

Have You Tried Talking?

If you’ve been thinking about getting into a serious relationship, and yet you’re not ready, you can try talking to your significant other to see if he or she would be interested in you as a lover or a partner. Sometimes relationships need time to grow and mature, after all. There’s no point in getting into one too fast, especially if you’re not ready. But sometimes things will happen and life will happen for you that will make you feel more mature and ready to get serious about getting into a relationship. Whether or not that happens, don’t give up and don’t stop trying to date.

Having Someone Out There

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It’s not fair to say that if you’ve been properly looking for love and/or marriage, you’re bound to find someone and you’d definitely no longer be single by this time. That’s not true. After all, you’ve had some relationships before, or maybe you haven’t had any. That doesn’t mean there isn’t someone out there waiting for you. “Why am I still single?” is a question you probably have asked before. The truth is, you may have been in love in the past but don’t know how to deal with it in the present, as it may have affected you so much.

The best advice you can get is to move on, take some time to relax, and start building a real relationship, and give other people a chance!

Don’t Rush

So many people get into relationships thinking that they’ll never get out again, and so many rush into it after recently ending the last one, thinking it’s the easiest way to deal with rejection and heal a bruised ego. They rush into them, thinking that the person they are with this time is their soul mate, and that they’d do better this time, and so on. Don’t be one of them!

Embrace It

The fact is, there’s nothing wrong with being single. There may even be good reasons to be single. Maybe what you need is not to change your relationship status, maybe what you need is a change in perception.

The bottom line is, you shouldn’t be and nor should you put yourself under any pressure to get into a relationship just to prove yourself. Trying to please everyone and listening to what most people say and even following what they see as the “normal way” would only make you unhappy. Besides, the ultimate nightmare is waking up one day and finding yourself stuck with someone you don’t even love. Life shouldn’t be that way. Life has to have genuine love, if it has to be self-love then so be it.

If there is something that needs to be changed, it’s the way people view being single. What matters most is that you are giving yourself the love and care you deserve and are busy making yourself a better version of yourself every day.

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