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    Is The Pen Mightier Than The Keyboard?

    Typing is faster and more convenient. You only get to use one object rather than two when you handwrite something. But anything that comes easy is just another way for us be lazier and lazier. Just like with everything else, the moment you stop using something, you lose the skills and talent to do that thing if you ever try to go back into it. Like my best friend. She used to love writing back when we were still teenagers. But when she got a new computer and then had internet connection way earlier than the rest of us, she slowly stopped writing and relied on typing a lot. When…

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    Story Writing Tips: Clichés, Tropes And Ideas

    Writing, funnily enough, can make you feel like a god. No joke, it can. Because when you think about it, you are creating something out of nothing. You use words to make something that didn’t exist before. You give them life and you meld them into something that would one day become a different world different from ours. Writing stories is the definite way for you to create a god complex too, by the way. Okay, that was a joke. But not really. As someone who has been imagining and writing stories since she was thirteen (albeit really bad ones but come on), it can be quite possible to develop…

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    Dos and Don’ts for Purchasing Jewellery Online

    Have you ever felt the desire for a brand-new piece of jewellery, but really couldn’t be bothered to get to the store? Dealing with traffic getting to the store, dealing with loud salesmen and annoying people outside, and having to put on clothes that you didn’t really want to wear today, and then dealing with traffic all the way back, just for the slight chance that you might find something that catches your attention isn’t really the best way to spend your time. Instead, you might want to consider shopping for your jewellery online, where you can be in the comfort of your own home, wearing what you want and…

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    How Do You Keep a Loving Relationship Going?

    After spending months, even years working on growing and nurturing a tender and loving relationship with someone close to you, you might feel at a loss as to how you can make the distance between you and your loved one grow even smaller. For some people, an intimate retreat might be in order. For other people, a sit down and a heavy talk might be the better way to talk about where you want to take things in the relationship. However, something that many people can appreciate is a gift that shows just how much love and effort you want to put into keeping the relationship loving and going. For…

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    Baby On The Way – The Types Of Baby Showers You Can Plan For Your Friend

    Your close friend has a baby on the way and being one of the first people being told about it, you would want to surprise her with a baby shower, and everyone closest to her heart would be there. This party – which is often intimate – is a way to celebrate the much awaited birth of a child. But when did the practice of throwing a baby shower begin? History says that it started in the early 1900s, when tea parties turned into showers. The expectant mother would receive handmade gifts. A baby shower in the baby boom period after WWII became a way for family and friends to…

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    Braids For The Long-Haired Ones

    Nothing is more elegant than a neatly (and sometimes not-so neatly) braided hair. If your hair is long enough, you should definitely try out some of these styles. Go to parties with them or maybe just do your hair in these braid styles for the simple reason that you look good in them. I myself miss having my hair long. I used to keep it so long, like it would reach the start of my butt, and I’d have it braided by my sister or by myself. I’m not that good in styling my own hair so I have to delegate that job to my sister most of the time.…

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    Looking Fabulous Every Day In “Subtle Cosplay”

    First off, what exactly is subtle cosplay? For those of you who are asking that, it’s simply wearing casual clothes you wear in your everyday lives but are also homage to some fictional characters that you like. To be honest, I wouldn’t necessarily call this cosplay. It’s simply wearing cute clothes that are similar to the clothes you see your favourite characters wear. You can wear them to work, or when you’re out with friends or maybe even at a cosplay event. That’s what’s great about it. No one would even know you were subtly cosplaying unless people squint or if you point them out. Certain pieces of clothing will…

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    The Fairy Flower Garden Of My Dreams

    Now what would a fairy garden look like to a kid? Something that would be surrounded with colours, right? With many beautiful flowers surrounding the area that would glow in either the sunlight or under the moon. How about to an adult? What does a “fairy flower garden” actually look like to an adult? To me, since I’m not a gardener and have zero talents for landscaping, as long as there are beautiful flowers all over the place then it’s good enough for me. Just imagine there being Cherry Blossom Trees dotting the yard. Those beautiful white and pink flowers that would then fall during spring? Exquisite. Imagine having those…

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    Frozen Yogurt Or Ice Cream?

    If you ever offer me either ice cream of frozen yogurt, the only way you wold get me to say no was as if my lips had been sewn shut. I love both. Sometimes I find myself liking frozen yogurt more and sometimes I would toss that aside for some good ol’ ice cream. They’re probably my favourite of all the desserts out there. And I’m probably not the only one out there that’s obsessed with them. Frozen Yogurt Froyo is made from cultured milk, where there’s a minimum of fat in it unlike ice cream. There might be some froyo out there that wouldn’t do much for your diet…

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    Childhood Dreams That Never Came True For A Good Reason

    I had this dream when I was a kid that I was going to be one of those awesome rock-star girls that carried an electric guitar all the time. I would be making millions of dollars after I made my debut up on Mt. Everest, where it was tall enough to make the whole world watch and listen to me. Even the gods would applaud my performance since I was high enough to reach them. What? Don’t look at me like that. I bet you had an even more ridiculous childhood dream. (Disclaimer: I dreamt of achieving all of that when I was 16 – still a kid) However the…

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